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Low T Replacement Therapy:
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Let Us Show You How TRT Can Unlock Your Body's Full Potental

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“I’m so thankful for the referral I received from a friend to visit Dr. Buffington. It was a few miles further than I normally would drive for medical care but well worth it. The whole team at his office was impressive in all areas.”

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Transform Your Body

TRT can enhance muscle strength and size, reduce body fat, improve workout recovery and help you look better than you ever have.

Convenient Treatment Options

Because we know that consistency is crucial to the success of your low T treatment, we provide two convenient options: in-office injections by our skilled nurses or the flexibility of self-injection at home.

Revitalize Your Life

TRT can naturally elevate your energy levels, enhance your concentration, and improve your sex drive.

Testosterone FAQs

“The care from Dr. Buffington and his staff is unparalleled. Genuinely loves his patients. “

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“The doctors here are all nice, courteous, caring, and never make you feel rushed or unimportant or anything negative like I have had at other providers. Their offices are clean, inviting, and the staff, as well as the doctors themselves, always make sure that you are taken care of in any way that they can.”

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“Dr. Buffington amazing professional and the staff very friendly and helpful. I went in to see Dr. B for Testosterone therapy he spent a good 30 min sitting down talking with me about therapy and nutrition. He answered all my questions and continued to ask me if I had any of my own. I did he took the time to answer all. I look forward to my visits here at Buffington Family Medicine.”

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Discover The Difference